CRM & Coupon Management
Always stay in touch with your customer through our CRM & Coupon management tool that not only helps you execute SMS Campaign and Email Campaign, but also helps in sending personalized offers to your valued customers, Share offers, discounts and gift coupons on special occasions like festivals and anniversary.
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Customer Loyalty
Convert your visiting customers into loyal and regular ones. Incase repurchase, improve, ticket size, and grow your revenue through smartly managed loyalty program.
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Feedback System
Indulge in “Progressive Profiling” of your customer. Develop a holistic plan to engage them before, while & after sales. Collect valuable feedback that helps you improve store operations product assortment and customer relationships by customizing your offer based on their feedback.
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Customer Support Center
Give your customer the opportunity to connect with you directly in times of their need. For general queries, complaints and assistance they can use contact center to reach out to you directly. Track your customer complaints on daily basis and make sure they are taken care of immediately to create a positive impact.
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Mobile App
Share your new arrivals, get feedback, help them register complaints, share their transaction, loyalty points, EOSS offers and also provide them track of their shopping history on their palmtop. Reward them for sharing, and using the App. Your customer was never so close to you before this.
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Jobber Management
Alteration, custom apparel designing and other tailoring work can be tracked and monitored in the store itself. Provides tracking of customer’s order through App integrated with loyalty and CRM tools.
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Customer Analytics
Analyzing everything from customer loyalty to CRM, Campaign Performance, Customer feedback, Customer Complaints, Tailoring through a single dashboard, with standard KPI’s and graphical report. Business Intelligence reports for future campaigns, offers and promotional strategies.
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Loyal Customers

10,000 / Day

New Customers

₹ 60,00,00,000

Avg Monthly Sale


Total Sales