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MCarrots Partnership is a system of methodologies, strategies, software, and web-based capabilities that help a vendor to manage Partner relationships. The general purpose of Partnership is to enable vendors to better manage their partners through the introduction of reliable systems, processes and procedures for interacting with them.Web-based MCarrots Dashboard typically include a Content Management System, a partner and customer sale reports.
Retail technology solution providers today face multiple challenges, including fierce competition and rapidly changing technology. We believe no one company can solve all the problems together in this marketplace and that’s why we have made our MCarrots cloud platform completely open through APIs. We would like to work closely with technology partners to build innovative solutions for the retailer and restaurant industry.

Partnership preferences

Channel Partners Benefits with MCarrots Solutions:

  1. System Integrators and Retail Service Providers

  2. Advertising Networks : Through Online & Offline

  3. Point of Sales and Mobile Point of Sale companies

  4. Analytics and Loyalty Consulting Companies

  5. Customer Engagement Companies such as Email Service Providers, Mobile Marketing companies.

  6. Payment Processors : All the recent innovations in the payments ecosystem can bring additional value for retailers and these innovations are critical to strengthen relationships.

  7. Store Solutions Providers : These providers include shopper tracking companies, WiFi, Bluetooth and video-based people tracking solutions

  8. E-Commerce and Online Shopper Tracking companies and Retargeting networks

Here are few programs that might delight you-

Technology Partners

Mcarrots specialises in delivering cost effective, integrated software solutions that enhance competitiveness and deliver real business efficiency enhancements. We have assembled a suite of best-of-breed products and services that are focused on improving customer satisfaction and increasing competitiveness.

Service Partners

we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with both the tools and the guidance you need to implement your technology and manage your business. MCarrots Service Program allows organizations with strong technical expertise and experience to become certified on the platform in order to implement .

Commercial Partners

Our commercial partners are companies that we have assessed and approved to meet a guaranteed level of service for our clients.We have close working relationships with these companies and can recommend specific individuals for particular projects. Once you generate a qualified lead, we’ll take it from there answering questions, providing information and helping convert your leads into MCarrots customers.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners mission is to bring together enthusiastic like minded business people, with the objectives of creating an opportunity for growing their businesses. The purpose of Business Referral Partners is to help its Partners grow more successful in their businesses,referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing techniques.Joining MCarrots Referral Partner Program rewards organizations in identifying new opportunities.